Eastern Advanced Manufacturing Alliance

Strengthening the Regional Advanced Manufacturing Industry

How It Started

The seeds for what is now the Eastern Advanced Manufacturing Alliance (EAMA) were sown in 1994, when representatives from local plastics industry businesses, in conjunction with Quinebaug Valley Community College (QVCC), formed the Quinebaug Valley Plastics Institute (QVPI). QVPI supported students entering the plastics industry through workshops, seminars, training, education, and employment opportunities.

In 2010, QVPI changed its name to the Quinebaug Manufacturing Institute to expand its membership and broaden its impact to the entire manufacturing industry. In 2013, in recognition of the group’s expanding presence in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, the organization changed its name to the Eastern Advanced Manufacturing Alliance (EAMA).

EAMA Works To Build Community

Through simple initiatives

  • Non-Profit

    EAMA is a non-profit organization comprised of manufacturers in Eastern Connecticut, South Central Massachusetts, and Northwest Rhode Island.

  • Education and Training

    EAMA works with its education and training partners to promote and improve Manufacturing Careers and the Regional Manufacturing Workforce.

  • Regional Manufacturing

    EAMA creates a platform for over 50 companies to speak with one voice to advance the re­gion’s manufacturing agenda.

Our Members & Community

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